GMEM Let's Play & 1.2.3 UPDATE!
   Posted Apr. 2 2018


   Hey Game Makers!

   I've finished recording, rendering and
uploading the COMPLETE Let's Play of GMEM.

  An update has been posted to Steam & Itch fixing any issues found during the playthrough.
Primarily just some typos here and there and a few minor "huh well that never happened before let's fix it" moments. I've also added increased difficulty for the final two fights after beating the game once. The MAJIKK JUNGLE/EVERMORE ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED - this happened on older graphics cards/laptops where the map would load but the screen would be black, and is a graphics card limitation. @SaliaNifo made an adjustment to the parallax plugin and made a splicing program to splice up the large map images to load individually, so that shouldn't happen anymore.

  In addition to this, I've also updated some info on the projects page, and included some links to things that are also included in the game's root folder (FAQ&KnownIssues link) as well as a few similar things for GMAE (Costume Guide, updated to include EQ5 things). These can also all be found within the game folders themselves as well.

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~



Game Makers