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   Posted Oct. 31 2018


     Game Makers!

    After much testing and outsourcing,
gmem's mac and linux versions have finally been released. Took a bit longer than I wanted,
but things happen so it's all good. There weren't many real issues besides a small handful
of case-sensitive filenames for linux. I've also re-rendered the videos to be at a significantly smaller
filesize, so that's great, too. Unfortunately due to my hardrive crash, I don't have the psd's and
raw footage for the credits anymore, so I couldn't fix some minor things I wanted to in them.

    Steam and Itch are actually really nice for mac/linux versions. I guess both mac/linux have issues with RMMV games, where you need to input special commands to get games to play, or modify settings to get them to work. Both steam and itch have options to negate this, which is awesome! I really didn't want to have to put 'go see the readme' on them if I didn't have to.

    Everything else has just been minor bug fixes. Haha, it's funny, I keep wanting to go and add a bunch of extra stuff to the game, but have to stop myself since I don't have the time to run through the game testing stuff right now. Now I need to go eat food and become a sushi roll. Have fun!

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~




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