Posted Mar. 11 2018


  Gaia's Melody Echoed Melodies
will be ON SALE 15% OFF March 12-19th!

   March break is next week where I live,
so I thought what a perfect time to play
with sales over on steam!

   In addition to this, I'll be posting a Let's Play/Walkthrough series on youtube of it, starting
on monday, March 12th at 4pm EST, and running daily (premiere not wanting to be a jerk
pending) until it's completion.

   During the walkthrough, I'll also be going over a lot of details that were listed in the guidebook
DLC, like showing how get date points for each character, finding collectables, and easy ways
to nerf the crap out of bosses.

  NOTICE ABOUT GMAE (GM Another Epilogue)
   On an unrelated note, GMAE'S FINAL EPILOGUE QUEST IS FINALLY FINISHED! For those of
you who've played through Gaia's Melody: Another Epilogue, you might have noticed the glaring
absence of the 5th epilogue quest. Now, after a few years(oops), it's finally completed. I'll be
posting a patch for it just as soon as @Valensiyagames gets to doing a quick playtest for me:)

  I've also gone through and replaced the entirety of it's soundtrack(for my own personal use)
with stuff youtube won't try to destroy me over, so if perchance I so decide, a full Let's Play of it may be highly possible in the future.

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~



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