Website/Youtube/NewGame Updates!
   Posted May 15 2018


   Hey Game Makers!
   I've posted an update video over on youtube
going over what I've been working on and
what my plans are. Basically...
   Added Epilogue Quest 5 PATCH for GMAE(Gaia's Melody 2: Another Epilogue) to the game projects page. This FINALLY concludes the last extra postgame quest.

   This last chapter, "The Past, Our Future" primarily
follows Akira and Zephyr, goes over how and
why Zephyr was born, why Agares is an evil baddy,
FINALLY confirms who Zephyr's mother is, and
wraps everything up in a nice conclusive ending.

   Added separate download links for licensed/royaltyfree/youtube-friendly soundtracks to GMXP and GMAE. These include instructions on how to use them.

   Created a page for extra downloads, and added Desktop Buddies and the Sprite Animator. Desktop buddies(Shimejis) are chibis that walk around and interact with your windows - the current ones I've made are Akira, Valensiya(Valensiyagames's avatar) and Salia(SaliaNIfo's avatar). The Sprite Animator is a spritesheet viewer program compatible with RMMV-styled spritesheets, made by Salia Nifo. These are all free.

  The video goes into a lot more detail, but essentially if you have a video request, tweet @Echo607 and I'll look into it. The update video itself was a request, so I mean... probably good there.

   Ahem, Gaia's Melody 2: Echoed Memories, a remake of GM Another Epilogue. Why? Seemed like a good idea at the time(actual reason in video).
   I'll be posting more about it when I have more to show for it. So far I've made 2 songs, 4000+ graphics(excusemewut?) 6 maps, pretty much got the hang of animating again, and seem to be picking up music composition pretty quickly(actually got around to getting a midi-in for my piano, so hopefully that will be beneficial).
   Besides that I've been reworking the Breaktime interface. I think I've finally got something I like, so I'll probably be moving on to other mechanics soon.

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~




   Download here and install to the game's root
folder(overwrites data and graphics) Completing
all 5 Epilogue Quests will allow access to
NewGame+, which along with the usual
options, let's you play through with the epilogue
quest "summer" maps.

Game Makers