Posted Feb. 14 2019


   Happy Obligatory Love Day!
     Game Makers!

 Dating Sim Game Download
    On February 1st, I decided to start a
14-day valentines challenge, creating a dating sim style game for the first time in the limited timespan of 14 days. Third-Wheel Player is what came of it. It's made with the time constraints in mind, so there was a lot I wanted to add that I couldn't put in.

    The game has three 'routes', and 7 endings, and can be completed in around 2 hours or less if you know what you're doing. After completing either of the first two routes, the game prompts you to try the second one. Upon completing both, the true route becomes available. I actually wanted to add in more diverse text from Player's perspective on the NG+ playthrough and the S route, but wasn't able to due to lack of time.

    The game can be downloaded here, and you can look at some screenies and more stuff on the Game Projects page.

  Let's Make a Dating Sim Video Series - How I'll handle it
    I originally wanted to post all the making-of videos on youtube as a series, but as I worked more on the project, it became apparent I was putting way too much time and effort into it, haha.

   That being said, I'll continue to post the videos daily. I feel really bad about this, I didn't intend to get so into it - it's ended at about 40-something parts, about an hour each, minus the first few. That's like, 40 hours of video, and I feel bad about spamming that to my youtube channel. Plz forgive T_T
But I figured this was a better alternative to spam-posting 25 hour-long videos in a day.... helpO_O

   But I don't just want to cut a series I worked so hard on, so we're still doin' it.

   I think that's about all. If you find any bugs/typos in the game, report them to me via Twitter @Echo607 #LMADSbug.

 Happy obligatory love da - ------ valentines day!

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~




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