Posted Aug. 14 2018


   Hey Game Makers!

    I've enlisted the help of a Mac
tester for GMEM1. It's going smoothly and there haven't been any major issues, so I've decided to release both Mac and Linux versions of the game. As for Linux, outside of a few issues I'm already aware of and fixed in regards to case sensitivity, I haven't had any reports of issues on it. I don't have anyone nearby to help test for linux, so it's release will be more of a beta version. I originally didn't release them on there because I don't have access to either and was concerned I wouldn't be able to fix any issues that come up in them. At this point, the game's been out for a while and all of the major issues have been reported and fixed, so I'm less concerned about it becoming a problem. It just seemed irresponsible to release a game on platforms I couldn't test on at launch.

    I've gotten asked for reference images of my characters a few times now, so I've decided to add in an art page. This includes many old pictures, and a lot of early practice art from when I was first learning to draw, doodles, as well as more recent arts. The quality of them are also the lq/sized down versions. There's a patreon reward for the HQ versions of all the arts and stuff, so that's available if you want it badly.

    As far as GMEM2 goes, I'M ALSO FINISHED WITH THE FIRST CHAPTER-PROLOGUE-THING! Y'know what that means? I never have to hear that town theme again! Haha. It also means that the majority of my core features are done. The only things left are fine-tuning things, and anything I think of in the future. And, y'know, MAKING THE GAME. Fixed all the plugin compatibility bugs (There's a line in Galv's event spawner that was causing me issues, but it was just in the wrong place and was fixed by moving it up like two lines lol.)

    Additionally, I've been making some music for the game. Most of them are still just practice tracks, but I did end up making one I like. I'm considering using it for Aneka's theme. I've also decided to use another one of @Schematist's songs as a boss theme.

   Echo-only voice track is placeholder/dlc. Will look for other actors when more of the game is completed and I have an idea of how much it will cost me. Thanks!

    Until next time, see you later, gamers!~




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