Desktop Buddies (Shimejis)

Desktop buddies (Shimejis) of GM'S Akira, SaliaNifo's Salia, and ValensiyaGame's Valensiya...... I feel like there should be an Echo hereO_O

Shimejis are graphics that wander around your computer screen and interact with windows.

These are free,
Instructions and links to the original shemiji creators included.
Run with Shimeji-ee.jar.

Sprite Animator (Tool)

A tool for viewing MV-style spritesheet animations (characters and battlers), created by Salia Nifo.

This is a useful program I asked him to write because I'm forever missing stand-alone pixels while spriting and only really notice them while animating on a plain background...

Thus is this program. No fuss, no setup, just open, set directory path, and go!

This is a free tool posted with SaliaNifo's permission(to be exact he said "HEY POST IT ON YOUR WEBSITE")

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